Ritty: WITB

by rittyrich

I’ve always been more of an “It’s the Indian, not the Arrows” type of guy, but I thought I’d post my club profile per the lead of my fellow bloggers in case anyone wants to refer back here to judge me.

Driver:  9.5* Titleist 913 D3 w/ Diamana white shaft – I like it because of its (slightly) smaller head and with a 72g (I think) shaft, it’s much heaver than my previous TM Superfast 2.0 that I called a Superspeed for at least a year.  But really the reason I play the D3 is because it was given to me for playing in a web.com pro-am.


Taylor Made R9 3-wood – This is probably my favorite club.  Santa Claus gave it to me one Christmas a couple years ago.  I never messed with the settings.  Did not consider the shaft.  I took it to the range and fell in love.  I often debate whether or not I should buy every single one of these that pops up on eBay, just so I can horde them from the rest of golfing society.

Callaway X 21* 3-hybrid – Some people don’t like hybrids.  I don’t like odd lies when I find myself 215+ yards away from my target.  Also, I use this thing maybe once a round, so what’s the big deal?

Mizuno MP-59 irons (4-PW) – I got fitted for these and the Mizuno club-fitting matrix told me my swing/tempo/lie angle, etc. matched Luke Donald’s.  It also recommended I get Project X 6.0 shafts, so I did, though I cannot recall anyone in the history of golf hitting a bad shot and blaming it on not having X100’s, for example.

Adams Pug

52* Adams Puglielli Black Wedge – The black finish flakes off, fyi.

56* Vokey

60* Vokey

Odyssey Metal-X #7 putter.

I tried really, really hard to be an equipment junkie for about 3 months in the winter.  I studied shafts, drivers, and putters.  I scrounged around on eBay looking for deals.  I obsessed over Tour pros’ bags.   And then I walked 9 holes using only my 3-wood, a 5-iron, an 8-iron, my 52*, and my putter.  I shot 39.  The day before, armed with a full bag, I shot 42-42–84.  Indians.