by spencer096


Golf clubs are like kitchen knives.  There are task specific knives and knives you can use for just about anything.  Some chefs like using a cleaver, some like a santoku.  Some like big knives, some like smaller knives, some like more weight in the blade, some like the handle counterbalanced.  And that’s without even getting into the specifics like grind and the chef’s knife skills…

When I was younger, I worked in a few upscale restaurants staffed with legit kitchen talent.  One restaurant in particular, I remember watching the chefs prep a lot and there were some seriously impressive knife skills on display, from a dude who could break down a chicken faster than I can type this sentence to a dude that could chop a bag full of onions or carrots or potatoes and 99/100 of those would be almost exactly the same size and shape and he did it quickly.  The chefs would all get together and talk about their newest toy or the advantages of a certain type of handle or grip…

But there was one chef, a very aloof guy, who they all revered like a god.  He knew everything there was to know about knife skills, even the acclaimed head chef/owner would ask him about butchery or technique, but, unless he needed a specialty knife, he almost invariably used this really old, very worn Japanese butcher’s knife with a bamboo handle.  He said he could do anything with it and that confidence and familiarity overrode every other quality a knife could have.  Sure he could get one with a more ergonomic handle or more beef behind the edge, but his Japanese knife was an extension of who he was, not just as a chef, but as a person.

I share this little vignette because that’s how I view golf clubs.  I hit my blades with weak lofts farther and more consistently than the newest, technologiest irons out there.  I’ve tested my old driver against a new 913 head-to-head on the same launch monitor, and my old model was by far better.  I haven’t missed the sweet spot on my hybrid or 3w all year, even though they don’t have Tungsten weighting and a flux capacitor.

It seems like golf is one of the few things in life where people can be douchebags and say “why do you use those, you’re not a pro.”  Well, I’m not an Iron Chef and I still use a Henkel knife because I like it.  Yes, I obsess over my equipment because I feel like it’s a means to the end of enjoying the game more, and while there’s volumes upon volumes dedicated to the study of optimizing your equipment, the bottom line is that every single one of us is different.

So while it’s fun to talk shop, and the end of the day, you’re still gonna use what you’re gonna use.

Driver:  9.5* Titleist 909 D2 with real Diamana Whiteboard 73x tipped 2″, D3 swingweight and plays 44.25″.

3-Wood:  13.5* Adams Speedline Fast 10 with an Aldila XNV7, D3 swingweight.

Hybrid:  18* Cleveland TOUR Mashie with Miyazaki C. Kua 83x, D3 swingweight…been trying to kick this out of the bag for a year now, and yet here it is.  She’s ugly and stinks to high heaven, but I guess you could say that about all my girls, right Thorny?

Irons:  Mizuno MP-67 3-PW (all lofts 1* weak) with Dynamic Gold s300’s.  3-7i’s D3, 8-9 is D4, PW is D5.

Wedges:  Nike VR Tour 54*/12* and Nike VR Tour Dual Sole 60*/14*.

Putter:  Scotty Cameron Studio Style 34″ with 10 grams of Tungsten pellets down the shaft plugged with 2.5 grams of cork.

Ball:  Titleist ProV1x

Grips: Black/White Golf Pride New Decade Multicompounds on the clubs and a Lamkin Deep-etched Paddle on the putter.