Today, In Stephanie Wei Tweets

by rittyrich

Really, Stephanie?  This is your fave?

Reminds me of a wise man, who once said–  i love how butthurt internationals get that there are 3 golf majors on american soil and only the bastard son, black sheep of the bunch over there.  sorry yall…maybe you should get better golfers and people would give more of a shit.  but when your stars would rather gallivant over to the US or middle east because the only reason they’re still on your dogshit tour is to collect appearance fees, suck a dick.  yea, yours is the oldest…and yet, ask pretty much anyone out there and they’d all say they’d rather win the Masters anyways.  

That’s all for today’s issue of Today, In Stephanie Wei Tweets.  Stay over there, Steph!  For a long time!