Lost Bet Poetry

by rittyrich

The rest of us lost a British Open bet to Spencer096, whose victory gave him the right to assign us a writing project.  My punishment was to write a favorable poem to Stephanie Wei, our favorite blogger.  Other than the qualification that I write a “love poem,” there were no other stipulations.  Meaning there was no reason I should spend more than five minutes on this piece of art or actually make it any good  As if that was possible given the limited talent of the writer and the, uhhh, subject matter.  So, fair reader(s), I apologize for this:

A Sonnet, Sort Of

Check my phone and scan my tweets
Where few do shine, save one a star
Not long before my twitter replete
My hopes, my dreams link under par

Where else to indulge the celebrity of golf
Than lift the drape that veils the podium
For which the voyeur’s hat doth doff
The blogging needs that have succumb

But should the brightest light always fade?
At season’s end, when the green lawns hide
When all that’s shot has been replayed
Assured this golfer’s heart does confide…

So long as filtered hues of Instagram do stay
I shall devote all my birdies to Wei.