Lost Bet Poetry

by From the Tips

Adams: The Hybrid God

Adams: The Hybrid God

As the final P&M piece to The British (suck it, Euros!) Open Lost Bet Poetry trilogy – albeit an extremely tardy one – I bring to you my personal lover, the hybrid club.  Now before I pull the words straight from the sticky pages of my diary, I want to set the mood saying I write this in the same year that I’ve had to put down my dog, watched my handicap climb, and ended a 2-year long relationship with my girlfriend. In related news, I’m prep’d for poetry.

andy you cometh in deep dark lies from a variety of yardages

our versatility puts Roy McAvoy’s 7i to shame

est Friends Forever (BFFs!), you’re one for the ages

uff putting from the 2nd cut with you, life’s never the same

n my bag you award me other’s wages

isbanding long irons, I think I just came.

Y.E. Yang's slingshot vs Goliath.

Y.E. Yang’s slingshot vs Goliath.