Southern Golf Trip: Part 1

by rittyrich

When the trip was initially planned, it was to be for a cousin’s wedding in Columbus, GA followed by a week in Kiawah Island, SC to lie around on the beach or take jaunts into Charleston to explore the old city.  Four, well, five golf courses later, it became as much about the golf and what I reaped from those 72 played holes… 90 if you count the 18 I played in my head. 

 COURSE 1(A) – Green Island Country Club – Columbus, GA

Green Island Sign

            The trip began in Columbus, Georgia, the home of my favorite golf course, largely for sentimental reasons, at the Green Island Country Club.  My grandfather Joe – general socialite, former club champion, and preeminent scotch drinker (the saying goes that Joe could beat Tiger Woods on Tiger’s best day, if only Tiger drank as much scotch as Joe before and during the round) – has been a member for several decades.  Read the rest of this entry »