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The Warm-Up

by From the Tips


Scene: I wake up to some random fucking pre-programmed iphone sound blasting in my ear at between 8-9am on Saturday morning; quickly realizing I’m laying diagonally across my bed with most, if not all, of the sheets kicked off the end. In a brief second I smash the incredibly difficult to find snooze button on my phone with the one arm not completely numb from laying under my near lifeless body for the last four hours, thinking it must be another workday. As I begin to doze off deep into my fantasy involving the perfect sandwich, Kate Beckinsale, and the Redskins winning a SuperBowl, I quickly realize that alarm was intended for golf, not work.

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Today, In Stephanie Wei Tweets

by rittyrich

We hope everyone is right, Stephanie.

Have the best time ever.

That is all from Today, In Stephanie Wei Tweets

Guest Post – McMaster

by rittyrich

From time-to-time, we’ll be featuring friends, acquaintances, guests, who we’ve invited to share their thoughts on golf.  Though we do not necessarily endorse their opinions, we do tolerate them.  

Hey guys, it’s D.P. McMaster, III checking in.  Friends call me McMast.  Girlfriends call me McBlast.

Been meaning to tell y’all about my Adam Scott revelation.  Shame I couldn’t be there to see his big victory in person this year.  Broke my streak of 7 straight trips to Augusta when my lame old man gave my passes to a client.  Worked out though.  On the Citation on the way back over, they closed a deal.  Gonna guess it involved a $20 million handshake.  The old man tried to appease me by bringing back a couple Masters hats that had “2013” on them.  Had to explain to the dude that only poor people wear Masters gear to a tournament they didn’t go to.   I’m not from Africa, bro. Read the rest of this entry »

Golf: A Stream of Consciousness Essay

by rittyrich

I often find my facebook page littered with posts and apps that automatically report how long or how fast one of my friends ran the 5k where, for some reason, they paid $100 to get sprayed with an assortment of colored paint at the finish line under the false impression it was all for a good cause.  Or worse yet, the act of running was done simply for exercise and they thought their 500 Internet friends would like an update about how many calories they burned.  I’ve never been impressed with their numbers or their bragging, for lack of a better word, and as far as I’m concerned these people have replaced non-drinkers on the unworthy pedestal of people I cannot trust.

Then there are tennis players who strike me as odd…and little else.  Read the rest of this entry »

True Life: I Have the Shanks

by TheRealAC

One of the things I hate most about the game of golf is when getting paired with terrible players makes me play terrible. I don’t know if it’s the additional time spent waiting for my playing partners to make it past the ladies tees or just the general frustration of not being able to play your game, but regardless it sucks. And now I need some penicillin because I have caught the shanks.  Read the rest of this entry »


by spencer096


Golf clubs are like kitchen knives.  There are task specific knives and knives you can use for just about anything.  Some chefs like using a cleaver, some like a santoku.  Some like big knives, some like smaller knives, some like more weight in the blade, some like the handle counterbalanced.  And that’s without even getting into the specifics like grind and the chef’s knife skills… Read the rest of this entry »

Ritty: WITB

by rittyrich

I’ve always been more of an “It’s the Indian, not the Arrows” type of guy, but I thought I’d post my club profile per the lead of my fellow bloggers in case anyone wants to refer back here to judge me.

Driver:  9.5* Titleist 913 D3 w/ Diamana white shaft – I like it because of its (slightly) smaller head and with a 72g (I think) shaft, it’s much heaver than my previous TM Superfast 2.0 that I called a Superspeed for at least a year.  But really the reason I play the D3 is because it was given to me for playing in a pro-am.


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by TheRealAC


Driver: Cleveland HiBore XL 10.5* with stiff Aldila NV 75 g shaft

3W: Cleveland HiBore XLS with the stock shaft that definitely needs a change. I think it’s 60 g.  I’ve been lazy with this one because I can’t decide if I want a new driver and 3W or just a shaft change all around.

Hybrids: PING G15 17* and PING G10 21*

Irons: Mizuno MP60 (4-PW) with DG S300 shafts. But they have soft tips that I need to get corrected STAT. I’ll probably just reshaft em all, but can’t decide if I want to go Project X 6.0 or DG S100.

Wedges: Cleveland CG14 56* and 60*

Putter: Taylor Made TPi 2.0 35″. I got this putter for $15.17 used at Golf Galaxy because I wanted to try a longer putter and I haven’t put it down since. My other putter is a Odyssey #9 33″.

Grips: Golf Pride Multi-Compound Mid-Size white/black

Ball: Right now is the ProV1, but I also use the Titleist Velocity quite frequently.

Tips: WITB

by From the Tips


Each ofthe contributors are golf equipment junkies. So we’ll make an effort to document the frequent changes we make in our bags to help illustrate how mentally unstable we can be. 

Driver: Titleist 909D3 9.5* with Oban Devotion 7 TX (83 gram) flex shaft

3 Wood: Titleist 906F4 13* with UST Mamiya X flex shaft

Irons: Mizuno MP64s 3-PW, DG X100 shafts

Wedges: 50* Cleveland 588, 54* and 58* Vokey M Grind (black)with DG S400 shafts

Putter: Scotty Studio Select Newport, 34″

Ball: Bridgestone B330